YouTube has a huge problem...

One of SEgos's automated systems is suspending people's accounts without reason or provocation and all appeals are getting denied. Please signal boost this as much as possible because this is a HUGE problem.


  1. Markiplier

    MarkiplierMånad sedan

    Hey gang, sorry for the late upload but this is an ongoing problem that has yet to be resolved and I needed to keep you guys in the loop. If you've been affected by this, please know that a solution is in the works but is still pending. For everyone else, please be aware of the issue at hand so your account does not get suspended. Signal boosting is appreciated.

  2. ethan wilson

    ethan wilson2 dagar sedan

    man, i agreee with you man!

  3. nicole docksey

    nicole docksey27 dagar sedan

    Why did youtube make this happen

  4. prince tdog sparkle

    prince tdog sparkleMånad sedan

    Markiplier, I'm glad you stand up for all of us, even though you may never see this comment, but thank you, for the years I spent seeing your videos. Laughing, chuckling and rolling on the floor in tears of joy watching you. Thanks for the years of joy and thank you for standing up for all of us. Your my hero

  5. Jesse Jenkins

    Jesse JenkinsMånad sedan

    We are behind you Mark. We will support every choice you make. Don't give up, your our only hope.

  6. Sterling McStott

    Sterling McStottMånad sedan


  7. PrivateYt _Diver

    PrivateYt _Diver3 timmar sedan

    Mark is : %25 White %75 Asian

  8. Santa Maria Nell

    Santa Maria Nell3 timmar sedan

    Yes sir mark i am here now to support you i am only a small youtubers here in the philipines. I love all your videos very advocates the people and me. I hoe you can attend my livestreams Santa Maria Nell. I love you sir markiplier. Please please please here is my number. Zero nine four five two six three three eight four five

  9. Gacha Rize

    Gacha Rize5 timmar sedan

    hehe you guys think this is bad? Wait for 2020 it's way worse!

  10. Waffle Demon Overlord

    Waffle Demon Overlord11 timmar sedan

    Markiplier is a goddamn superhero and you'll never be able to change my mind

  11. Serina Theisen

    Serina Theisen11 timmar sedan

    I think this is the first he had ever ended his videos without “ba byeeeee”

  12. coyote party

    coyote party13 timmar sedan

    SEgos is doing this because of the FTC

  13. Unimpressed Eevee

    Unimpressed Eevee14 timmar sedan

    Ok,now I'm really scared.Yestarday i was on the stream and was spaming jokes to entertain everyone(i tryed).Imagine if my account got suspended for this,or anyone elses for that matter?

  14. A H

    A H14 timmar sedan

    Switch to a different platform! SEgos is dying

  15. Rex 88

    Rex 8816 timmar sedan

    A few months ago I lost my original account because youtube's algorithms, I uploaded a simple mirror of a video that didn't even have anything with hate speech involved in it, and it still was "hate speech" and they not only skipped the 3 strikes system, I made an appeal and they even said "ok, we'll just make it limited" despite the fact my channel was still terminated. It sucks because I was subscribed to this channel since roughly 2013-ish back when Mark was 15.5k in playing old 7 days to die still with his two buddies. I lost all my childhood uploads too so rip to those I guess. I kinda wish I didn't lose those most

  16. Mugs It’s Organic

    Mugs It’s Organic19 timmar sedan

    Hope problem will be fix

  17. Dominick Walenczak

    Dominick Walenczak21 timme sedan

    The problem is that SEgos, Facebook, and all social media use automated moderating because they do not have enough staff for a manual review of all the issues that arise on such a large service. I got dinged on Facebook for a picture of a drop of blood on a fingertip in the context of an educational video on glucometers as "promoting violence". When I finally got my appeal through to a human being, they saw it was bogus and undid it. SEgos problem seems to be that their "appeals" process seems to just been an autoresponder with a rejection message. There needs to be actual human oversight of machine. Haven't we learned anything from Terminator?

  18. Nefertiti

    Nefertiti22 timmar sedan

    I’m Going Back To Microsoft And Yahoo . . .

  19. Theresa Wallner

    Theresa WallnerDag sedan

    Mark please put a bra on lol....

  20. O. B.

    O. B.Dag sedan


  21. Maimuna Hossain

    Maimuna HossainDag sedan

    youtube really said hey im gonna act up

  22. George Azous

    George AzousDag sedan

    Bit-chute has been the Superior streaming site for a long time now. Move there, help them grow. If you value freedom of speech/expression its time to leave the (G)ulag. Alphabet bois dug this grave when they got into bed wit the ADL.

  23. Kareemymani123

    Kareemymani123Dag sedan

    I’m always there for you mark! Love you dude, hopefully SEgos will come back to life

  24. TheDankAquaMint

    TheDankAquaMintDag sedan

    Gang Let's drop 100 million dislikes on rewind 2019

  25. Bagsy

    BagsyDag sedan

    Are you really sure they lost their entire google account just for spamming a paddle emoji, bro? Because that seems pretty hard to believe.

  26. Bagsy

    BagsyDag sedan

    But I actually do totally believe you lol 😳

  27. Waypoint

    WaypointDag sedan

    SEgos: I’m gonna ban every ac.. Dr. Robotnik: And I’m gonna give you five seconds to fix this.

  28. Western Son

    Western SonDag sedan

    Based, google can go to hell

  29. •*CookieAvocado*•

    •*CookieAvocado*•Dag sedan

    2019: a lot of creators leaving 2029: no videos on SEgos

  30. FifinatorKlon

    FifinatorKlonDag sedan

    Let's name it "SEgoskristallnacht" pls

  31. Pluhgins

    PluhginsDag sedan

    This is SEgos's attempted vengeance for us disliking their 2019 SEgos Rewind lmfao.

  32. Ramez4Pidar

    Ramez4PidarDag sedan

    Have a opinion. SEgos: No opinions (User Banned for breaking youtube hate speech guidelines)

  33. Kevin Covins

    Kevin CovinsDag sedan

    My only issue with youtube is there is NO security .. they can just popup and delete u ... if youtube can change this and say we give you 30 days to fix what's wrong or you banned I will feel so sort of security

  34. Kevin Covins

    Kevin CovinsDag sedan

    My channel got demonetized and I did nothing ... no strikes .. no anything .. if my channel didn't meet requirements why I lost the partnership?? SEgos is broken bad

  35. Barnhart Family

    Barnhart FamilyDag sedan

    I wish I could be a member but my mom won't let me😢

  36. Sukma Dick

    Sukma DickDag sedan

    Stop being in contact with youtube

  37. Zeksteve

    ZeksteveDag sedan

    The only way to solve this is to take out SEgos's CEO. This is all of her planning and she will never admit she is wrong. By take out I mean make sure she is fired.

  38. Evan Heinz

    Evan HeinzDag sedan

    You look like a social version of John Wick

  39. Red River

    Red RiverDag sedan

    Everybody take a day and go to their HQ. Protest en masse and in person. Somebody will swoop in and fill the gap they are creating. I'm not even a member of your channel and this upsets me as well.

  40. Rajesh Palejwala

    Rajesh PalejwalaDag sedan

    Ok so since it's almost 2020 and we love memes here is one: SEgos: ur account is deleted Me: *pulls out uno reverse card* SEgos: *gasps*

  41. DSXmachine

    DSXmachineDag sedan

    Every SEgosr needs a backup BitChute channel.

  42. Gus Perez

    Gus PerezDag sedan

    Time for guerrilla war against Fascist Tube and GOOGLAG. Buy cheap flash drives download mega data crap upload everywhere and on any computer flood them with data kill their ads . No money GOOGLAG cease !

  43. Gus Perez

    Gus PerezDag sedan

    Remember Rat Tube is own by GOOGLAG !!!

  44. Gus Perez

    Gus PerezDag sedan

    Destroy Rat Tube post water falling , trees growing , ants shitting , clouds moving destroy , kill their income steam!

  45. LRG_ Gaming

    LRG_ GamingDag sedan

    Idea: Let's all walk out on youtube like we did to SOPA/PIPA. 18th January 2020, 8 years since the protest against PIPA/SOPA. Protest against COPPA/FTC.

  46. James Barnousky

    James BarnouskyDag sedan

    SEgos has had a problem since the AdPocalypse. The whole thing is, at best, a bunch of lazy idiots at the wheel deploying bots all over the place. At worst, it's a convenient excuse to ban people for sociopolitical reasons and not have to talk about it. Fuck SEgos.